Meet the Founders

Carissa Harrison

Carissa Harrison is committed to empowering girls around the world through literary art and social and emotional learning.

She is currently a specialist for Social Emotional Learning in our nations capital for elementary schools. Carissa’s passion for traveling, art, and creative writing has inspired her to author multicultural books for early readers in the near future.

When she is not advocating and creating opportunities for all girls, Carissa is building exciting memories with her daughter, Ellie.

Valencia D. Clay

Valencia D. Clay is dedicated to bringing opportunities and recognition to students and educators in urban school systems in the U.S.

Clay is currently a doctoral candidate concentrating in Mind, Brain, and Teaching at Johns Hopkins University, a middle-school English teacher at Baltimore Design School, and critical theory professor the Maryland Institute College of Arts. With literature as the foundation, she prompts her students to analyze culturally relevant matters from a critical stance.

Clay’s students are the published authors of Broken Keys Dont Unlock Doors, an anthology of essays and reflections about their perspective on urban education. Clay herself is the author of Soundless Cries Don’t Lead to Healing: A Critical Thinking Guide to Cultural Consciousness.