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Welcome to the Flourishing Blossoms Society For Girls

In 2008, two graduates of Morgan State University coupled their passion for empowering young girls and their love for giving back to the urban community together to draft plans for a women's empowerment program. In the fall of 2010, their plans were put into action at the Baltimore Freedom Academy, located in the heart of Baltimore City. They recruited 20 middle school girls as the first cohorts of what would be known as the Blossom Girls. The Flourishing Blossoms Society for Girls Incorporated is committed to four pillars: Beauty, Health, Wealth and Service. The girls attend weekly workshops where they learn the importance of academia, community service, leadership, personal image, friendship, and a plethora of other topics that young girls need to know.

The Mission of the Flourishing Blossoms Society For Girls Incorporated is to prepare young girls to be phenomenal women by building self-confidence and encouraging self-expression through beauty, promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, developing financial awareness to produce a wealthy future, and advocating for others through global service.


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